New Group, New Album

I wanted to share a brand new album I am releasing today as part of the electro-acoustic duo Hands Up Eyes Shut. Our debut album is titled “Music for a Fictional Soundtrack.” It was really a great experience to complete and I learned so much. We hope that as you listen each track carries you to another scene for the movie that takes place in your mind.

We will be following up the album release with a performance at the ElectroBrass Conference later this week, a concert in Tucson (AZ), and an album release party in downtown Phoenix at the end of the month.

Head over the BandCamp page (or use the player below) to listen to the album and share it with friends. You can also purchase the album as a digital download for the price of a couple happy hour beers. You can’t beat that!

I hope you enjoy listening to the album. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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