Monthly Archives: November 2012

Well-Rounded or Specialized?

As a musician, should you be well-rounded, or should you specialize in doing one thing really well? It’s a tough question, one that does not really have a pure answer. Ask me on any given day of the week (or hour of the day) and I’m likely to sway to one side or the other. […]

You Will Not Win the Gig

As I’ve noted here before, I’m bad at math. Very bad, in fact. Despite the fact that many studies prove musicians are better at math than your average bear, I defy the odds. But at a very fundamental level I do understand some bits of mathematics. In this particular case, statistics. I have, since I […]

In This Business

It’s imperative to remember that we’re all in this together. All working towards the same goal. Interpersonal skills can be your most vital asset. Show up on time, thank everyone who helped get you there, don’t cause unnecessary problems, and show respect to everyone’s skills and jobs. Plain and simply… Do good work. The work […]

Building a Residency: The Proposal (Part 2)

A couple weeks ago we talked about thinking big when it comes to residency programs. Next let’s talk about next steps. Now that we’ve found our dream home, we have to go about moving in. When I first began working on the proposal for PCB’s residency I hesitated and faltered—a lot. I was scared of […]