Monthly Archives: June 2012

What Others are Saying / Øystein Baadsvik

I saw this on Oystein’s FaceBook just the other day and I had to repost. I have said things very similar to this to my students before. He is a phenomenal musician and tuba player. I wish more people thought like this. . . “Sound is nothing. Music is everything. I am SICK and tired […]

Sound Bites / Just Make Music

Don’t worry about the technique of playing. Too often we burden our minds with concerns about technique and block ourselves from being truly engaged in our art. Just make music and the technique will take care of itself.

The Pursuit of a Life in Music

Welcome to Long Tones. Glad you’re here! This blog is primarily intended for people like me—either “young professional” musicians, or those of you who are still in college. Maybe you graduated not long ago, or you soon will. You want to “make it,” to live the dream of being a professional musician. There’s just one […]