Album Release: One


It’s finally time to take my own medicine. I have been waiting to release this material for a long time, always telling myself it’s not ready. But my best advice to all of my creative colleagues is that the most important thing to do is to finish a project. Waiting for “perfect” means you will cripple your creative output and let opportunity for growth to pass by. So here is the first of what will probably be a pair of EP releases of my tuba and electronics music. Are they perfect? Certainly not. But I hope they can be appreciated and enjoyed even in their imperfect state. The album is currently available for download on my Bandcamp site. I am making it available for free during this time – if you want to show your appreciation for the work I will be incredibly thankful. Another way you can show your support is take the money you would give for my music and donate it to another musician in your area who may have had their life upended during this crisis.

Thank you to everyone who listens.

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