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You Will Not Win the Gig

As I’ve noted here before, I’m bad at math. Very bad, in fact. Despite the fact that many studies prove musicians are better at math than your average bear, I defy the odds. But at a very fundamental level I do understand some bits of mathematics. In this particular case, statistics. I have, since I […]

Today in Music / J.S. Bach

On this day in 1750, Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach died in Leipzig, Germany, at age 65. He enriched our world beyond words.

Today in Music / July 17

On a beautiful evening in 1717 (it just happened to be 7/17/1717!), King George I of England sailed down the River Thames on the royal barge with several close friends. They were serenaded by fifty musicians (on another barge), who premiered George Frideric Handel’s Water Music, a collection of orchestral movements. The king was said […]

What Music Looks Like / Copenhagen Phil

Audience numbers are down? The Copenhagen Phil has a solution. Here’s a great flash mo done earlier this year on the Metro, featuring Grieg’s Peer Gynt. And if that’s not enough for you, check out their performance of Ravel’s Bolero at the Copenhagen Central Station. Great way to bring a taste of live classical music to […]