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Art and Wallpaper, Part 2: The Three Tenets of Creating Art

In my previous article, we addressed the notion of what art is—it is a fundamental piece of the human condition that connects two or more people in a shared emotional state. An artist is the person who creates the thing (painting, dance, musical performance, creative writing, etc.) that transports the audience member into a similar […]

Sightreading Sundays

Feeling very chromatic today. Useful to get you out of the comfort zone and mess with your muscle memory a bit. Download the Sightreading Sundays music here!

Sound Bites / Air Movement

Move the air at the proper velocity immediately to avoid “scooping” the notes. The band camp season has officially begun for me, so I’m finding myself saying little statements like this all the time.

What Music Looks Like / Sergio Carolino

Listening to this guy, Sergio Carolino, is a study in versatility. He manages to find himself in every realm of music. And he does it all great. Sergio really is a model for relevancy, innovation, and sustainability in our musical world today. You can keep up with Mr. SC here on FaceBook or here on Twitter.

Sound Bites / Staccato

Seen on Twitter (@HitzTuba): “Staccato does not mean short.” Right. With my students, I refer to staccato as detached instead.

Drop the Needle / The Navy Hymn

To celebrate Independence Day here is the Navy Hymn (“Eternal Father, Strong to Save”) for tuba quartet. All parts played by me on a Yamaha YFB-822 F tuba and a Miraphone 188 CC tuba.

Sound Bites / Just Make Music

Don’t worry about the technique of playing. Too often we burden our minds with concerns about technique and block ourselves from being truly engaged in our art. Just make music and the technique will take care of itself.

The Pursuit of a Life in Music

Welcome to Long Tones. Glad you’re here! This blog is primarily intended for people like me—either “young professional” musicians, or those of you who are still in college. Maybe you graduated not long ago, or you soon will. You want to “make it,” to live the dream of being a professional musician. There’s just one […]