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What Music Looks Like / A Cellist. And Cows.

This  certainly demonstrates the power of music, no? A cellist plays and a group of cows walks across the field to get closer, to listen.   And it’s not just classical—cows like jazz too. Some scientists suggest that music boosts the milk output of dairy cows. We certainly know it boosts the output of students. […]

What Music Looks Like / Bach Contrapunctus 9

My brass quintet, Phoenix Chamber Brass, is working on music for our upcoming season, and we’ve decided to do several parts of “The Art of Fugue,” including this one. So I found this the other day and thought it was really interesting to see the sheet music, the performer, and an abstract visual representation of […]

What Music Looks Like / African Suite

Heard this on NPR the other day and found it enchanting. Andrew York’s Mbira (from the African Suite) played by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.

What Music Looks Like / Sergio Carolino

Listening to this guy, Sergio Carolino, is a study in versatility. He manages to find himself in every realm of music. And he does it all great. Sergio really is a model for relevancy, innovation, and sustainability in our musical world today. You can keep up with Mr. SC here on FaceBook or here on Twitter.

What Music Looks Like / The Typwriter

Because sometimes we just need a little fun. The piece is called “The Typewriter,” and it’s by Leroy Anderson, who wrote pops orchestral pieces (“short, light concert pieces” according to Wikipedia). It’s performed by the Spanish ensemble Voces para la Paz[JC2] .

What Music Looks Like / Copenhagen Phil

Audience numbers are down? The Copenhagen Phil has a solution. Here’s a great flash mo done earlier this year on the Metro, featuring Grieg’s Peer Gynt. And if that’s not enough for you, check out their performance of Ravel’s Bolero at the Copenhagen Central Station. Great way to bring a taste of live classical music to […]