More Than Playing the Ink

Most of us can handle that much. Show up to the rehearsal (or gig) and play the part. Play the ink on the page and then see who can get out the door fastest. Too many musicians become jaded and cynical because they see their job as simply showing up and playing notes on a page.

But there’s no room in our business for people simply playing the part—not any more, at least. When the audience can just as easily listen to a flawlessly performed, sterile recording of a Beethoven symphony at home as they can come to your concert, where is the draw?

Our job as musicians is to take the audience on a journey, to change what it means to “listen to music.” (Any kind of music.) Our job is to wow the audience and raise the bar on any preconceived perceptions.

Stop playing the ink and start playing music.

See you in the practice room!

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