Choosing Sides

There’s no shortage of woe-is-me moments for musicians to turn to, from the continuing collapse of the recording industry to the latest announcements of some major orchestras that won’t be starting their seasons. The music world, in all its varied realms, is up in the air. It’s hard to say where the chips will fall.

In moments like this we all have a choice to make, a side to pick.

Some folks choose the side that says, “This is how it has been done before” and sit by and bemoan their situation as the traditions they love crumble around them. They dig in, they fight, they struggle to get back what they once had. And oftentimes they lose.

But there’s another side.

This side is no less saddened about the unfortunate things that are going on, but we try to see a way past the current upset. On this side, we try to take the art we love to make and find a new way to do it. There are practically limitless ways this side can succeed, and plenty of ways we can fail too. But this is the side for the roll-up-yer-sleeve-ers, the outside-the-box-ers, and those who say, “This is how we’re going to do it now.”

Which side are you on?

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