What Music Looks Like / Matt Owen, Eclectic Tuba

Matt Owen (@EclecticTuba) is making some great music out of Birmingham, AL. When you think,


you may not immediately think of trendy bars, darkly-lit clubs, and a happening night scene, but Matt isn’t letting traditional stereotypes dictate the kind of music he makes.

Here’s a great sentence from his website:

He has taken a wide range of classical training and blended it with styles, technique, and digital equipment influences of today’s popular music to deliver rocking Eclectic Tuba grooves.

Rocking. Eclectic. Tuba. Grooves.  What else needs to be said?!

This is a great model for all musicians today: take what you know (what you learn in school) and take what you love and make something that is great and wholly your own.

This is his tune, “Serenata de Medianoche.”

And what’s better? You can get this piece in sheet music from Potenza Music. And you can buy his album from iTunes.

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  1. YEA! like that second tube riff,

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