What’s Wrong With a Day Job?

I happen to be really bad at reading blogs. I admit it. I spend ridiculous amounts of time in front of my computer and just never think to open my RSS feed and read the blogs I’ve subscribed to. But I’m glad I did today.

I was going back through old posts by Seth Godin, and came across this phrase in one of his posts:

If your goal is to make more art, it’s entirely possible the ridding yourself of obligations and scale will help you do that.

Man, that really made me think.

Reasons to love your day job:

• It’s a break from your music job

No matter how much you love music and being a musician, everyone needs a break. As long as your day job isn’t just mindless filing in an office, it can be just the thing to keep you charged, always ready to jump back into your music.

• Stability of income

Let’s face it, we need money. If all your musical time is spent hustling gigs to make money, that leaves no time to really make music, to make art. And that’s why we’re here, right? If you’re a musician to make money, you fail.

• Perpective

Learn new ideas about how to market your music by working in a completely different field and watching how they market. Get a better understanding of your audience by interacting with them in other parts of their lives.

The danger of the day job is it becomes easier and easier to sacrifice your art in pursuit of more money, more time off, and fewer obligations. A day job can be a scapegoat to take an easier path through life, but if you are truly committed to your music, then a day job can take the stress and strain of day-to-day living off your music and leave all of your creative energy intact for when it really counts.

Do you have a day job? How do you feel about it? Leave me a comment!

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  1. Good advice!

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